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Berz Gallery of African Art welcomes you to our new online gallery, an online platform to exhibit some of the incredible authentic, antique African art in which we specialize.  We are specialists in African art only, and pride ourselves on top quality customer service, integrity, and a genuine enthusiasm and appreciation art and providing our clients with the best experience possible in each exchange they may have with us.  After having San Francisco Bay Area gallery locations for 16 years and later moving to Mexico City and only selling at important international shows and exhibitions in Paris and Brussels, Berz Gallery of African Art is "coming home" to the San Francisco Bay Area and opening an African art gallery in San Francisco, one of the few remaining in the United States and one of the only dealing strictly in elite level antique African art. 

In addition to our physical gallery space where we will host shows, exhibitions, and a lot of parties, we host two annual online auctions, an opportunity for our clients worldwide to access our material in an efficient, fun way.  Whether through online sales or in our gallery, we guarantee all objects we sell are of the quality the top collectors and art afficianados have grown to expect from us. Included with all sales are comprehensive dossiers which provide information on each object and include certificates of authenticity as well as from past owners if they are available.   We pride ourselves in providing more documentation than many in the field. 

Please know that we are buyers first--we are always looking to purchase great objects which are antique and special, preferably with some ownership history, and have material for all levels of collectors.  Feel free to let us know of any specific areas of interest.  If you would like to join our mailing list or have any questions, you can always reach me personally and directly at  

We appreciate your visit, and we look forward to working with you!  Don't forget to add your email by sending us a quick "Contact" email and you can reach us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram at Berz Gallery of African Art.

Thank you all again for your support for all of these years.  The best is yet to come!  And California, we missed you...

Andrew J. Berz

Berz Gallery of African Art

Gallery Location To Be Announced Soon!

September, 2017