Berz Gallery of African Art

Who Needs A Body? Beautiful, Rare Lobi Terracotta


Lobi Tribe, Burkina Faso

Composition: terracotta Dimensions: 12" (30.48 cm) x 11" (27.94) Age: Lab Tested at +/- 1850 AD by Ralf Kotalla Laboratories, Germany Provenance: Field collected by Berz Gallery of African Art Certification: Every piece sold includes a handmade custom base and a comprehensive dossier with certificate and authenticity with any additional historical documentation or information pertaining to the object. Description: There is no notable published record of a comparable example of a figurel like this large terracotta figure entering the Western art market. It is possible that this terracotta figure, which (due to our own error) became a rather wonderful upper body and head fragment rather than a wonderful full body, was at one time made to be strongly charged with supernatural power, and may have been kept in a shrine with other sacred materials. For the Lobi, the ornateness of the headdress and detail is extensive and uncommon. The piece was sampled and underwent thermoluminescence testing at Kotalla laboratories in Germany and was found to have been fired (created) circa 1850.